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Thank you AOB Fine Art | Leopold | SNW Galleries

Galleries work hard

Galleries work hard, yet with great pleasure, as they connect fine art with just the right buyer or collector. They know the transforming power of fine art. The gallery owners and managers can visualize the right piece in just the right setting. They know the uplifting power of art to those who view it.

Galleries provide services such as consultation, in home viewing, and installation. Not to mention their ‘brick and mortar’ location that showcases great art and draws people in to enjoy and ponder. Of course some have their own gallery dogs – what fun greeters!

Covid and Resilience

Then along came Covid-19.

Galleries, and their artists, had to join the hardships and disappointments this virus brought. But I saw a resilience in many galleries to still get fine art out there.

It was impressive how the galleries representing me found ways to enhance their online viewing of artwork and online sales. One even challenged themselves to figure out virtual Openings!

Thank you

In the midst of all the stress and adjustments my galleries have gone through, I want to say a big “THANK YOU!” to:

Anderson O’Brien Fine Art (Omaha NE)

Leopold Gallery & Art Consulting (Kansas City MO)

Strecker Nelson West Gallery (Manhattan KS)

I so appreciate their ongoing and effective representation of my abstracts.

Sales in spite of Covid-19

For fun here are just a few sales of my work that happened in the midst of Covid shutdowns with these three galleries.

Day Dreaming | Looking Up – Anderson O’Brien Fine Art
Blues Wonder (installed) – Leopold Gallery
Light Jazz – Strecker Nelson West Gallery

Check out this cool 360º view of my work. Strecker Nelson West Gallery (SNW Gallery) had posted this on their Facebook page. This grouping was part of a show featuring three artist – Lisa Grossman, Sue Godwin, and myself (Nancy Teague).

Slide your cursor or finger sideways to see all the work. Who thought up this feature?!

Well, it’s a bit on the dreary side out there today in the Little Apple, so how about this display of Nancy Teague’s...

Posted by SNW Gallery on Tuesday, September 8, 2020

A unique part of this three person show at SNW Gallery was having a virtual reception with us talking live on Facebook. Quite the deal talking to people you cannot see. You have to assume someone is listening! What a new experience.

All Art Galleries

With gratitude to Anderson O’Brien Fine Art, Leopold Gallery and Art Consulting, Strecker Nelson West Gallery, AND ALL the Art Galleries out there who have a passion for art. Thank you for making ways for others to have their lives enhanced with creative beauty, wonder, and enjoyment.

Hey, visit one of my galleries or any gallery – in person or online. Let your eyes feast on unique artists’ work exploring color, movement, and intrigue. Be refreshed! Be uplifted!


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