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Gallery 1516 Biennial 2019 Excited To Be In It

Nebraska Biennial 2019

Gallery 1516 in Omaha, NE is putting on a great show!

Biennial 2019 features a striking exhibition of 2-D and 3-D works representing artists from Nebraska presently or in the past.  Out of 632 entries the jurors chose 99 pieces.

Check out the packed Opening Reception!

(Gallery images Debra S. Kaplan)

Excited to be in

I am delighted that my acrylic painting, “Just Too Much Fun”, is part of this unique show.

My little brother

Added to the fun for me was my little brother, John Knicely, attending the Opening Reception. Here we are having a lively art discussion with Patrick Drickey, owner and visionary of Gallery 1516.

Anecdote. Never would have imagined – John and I would transition from our childhood playing army or cowboys, and building a miniature golf course in our backyard, to being a TV news anchor and professional Abstract artist, respectively!

(image – Debra S. Kaplan)

From Horses To Art

Who would have thought!? Gallery 1516 was originally a two-story livery stable! Horses on the first floor. Tack, feed, and buggies on the second. This building eventually transitioned to selling and repairing farm equipment to an Avis rental business. Then along comes Patrick Drickey, a professional photographer, with a vision to transform it into a world class art gallery. Today known as “the single most impressive gallery in the region.”

Another anecdote. I loved horses! Drew them, collected little horse figures, started a horse club as a child (three members), had two horses (Brownie, Arabian-Quarter horse, then later D-D, Tennesse Walker-Thoroughbred). I biked out to ride Brownie with a bucket of oats hanging on one handle bar and the bridle on the other. Spotty, my dog, would join me on my horseback rides. Oh, those were the days!


Gallery 1516, a non-profit organization, has a cultural and aesthetic mission to enhance lives through visual and performing arts. Besides striking art shows, a unique occurrence is “Bagels and Sometimes Bach” series on some Sundays features vocal and instrumental performances, or literary readings.

Biennial 2019 through Aug 4th

Gallery 1516 is so worth a visit. The Nebraska Biennial 2019 displays a wide variety of exceptional 2D and 3D fine art. Hope you get a chance to check it out!

Gallery 15616

1516 Leavenworth

Omaha, NE

Hours: Friday-Sunday 11am-5pm







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