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Artillery Media and Wildfire Visuals Made It Happen

Starts With Desire

Have you ever had a “never dream of doing” desire? I had one that surprisingly kept getting bigger. Circumstances began to unfold that shifted the desire to it could happen. Next, I really wanted it to happen!

Desire became action. The search was on for a website designer and developer for a professionally made art website.

In that search another desire arose – to find one locally.

Face To Face

Wanting local meant I wanted face to face interaction. Isn’t there something about in person connections that are so life-giving?

Much to my surprise my desire was fulfilled sooner and easier than I expected!

Big Shout Out to Artillery Media

What a positive impression unfolded when meeting Jake Kramer, Director and Haley Kramer, Project Manager at Artillery Media’s office.

Interacting with, let alone hiring a professional website designer was a new experience and a bit intimidating because I really didn’t know what I wanted, other than raise the bar for my online presence.

Jake and Haley quickly put me at ease. They took time to get to know me and understand my art.  They gave ideas and presented examples of possibilities. My mind expanded and got excited as to what could be!

The result was an engaging and colorful site!


Many thanks to Jake and Haley and Artillery Media – a caring and professionally run website designer and developer right here in the Midwest!

One More Desire

For several years there was a desire to find a professional photographer/videographer. Would you believe Artillery Media partnered with one?

I connected with freelance photographer/videographer Brennan Burling, Owner and Creative Director of Wildfire Visuals.

Brennan also designed my logo. Couldn’t ask for more!

I was nervous about being photographed while painting and had no idea how Brennan could find interesting takes in my small studio. But he did – capturing special moments and angles!

Brennan Burling photographing Abstract Expressionist Nancy Teague in studio.

Thank you, Brennan. So glad I found you, too!


My adventure to fulfill a new website desire led to meeting these delightful professional people and experience a unique and energetic teamwork. Truly life is about relationship!

I was enriched in much more than a special website!

Now that you have seen the amazing work of Artillery Media, check out and enjoy my abstract expressionism art gallery!




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