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Art Move Issue Ten Reviews Nancy Teague Abstracts

Good news – may artwork was reviewed in Art Move Magazine!

J. Fatima Martins, Editor-At-Large & Social Media at Art Move, did an insightful review of my art journey and abstracts.

One of the featured abstracts – “Thinking About It” 8×8 Acrylic Nancy Teague

Below is an excerpt from the review, “Nancy Teague’s Creative Liberation”: 

“…Through the freedom of deconstructing real objects into abstracted forms and experimenting with chaotic gestures and clashing color juxtapositions, she’s moved from being earthbound and tied to painting with precise rules to being sky-bound and interpreting the world from a more vague and open-minded, liberating perspective…Her paintings, therefore, communicate the important tension between letting go and holding on. This creative anxiety is translated into beautiful, loose-edged blocks of engaging colors and indeterminate lines that act within the painting as a type of writing, transforming the compositions into indefinite visual poetry. There’s an abundance of spontaneity, calming void or rest space, spatial depth, and physical texture, as well as dance-like movement, but all the activity is systematic and prudent…”

To read the full article, “Nancy Teague’s Creative Liberation“, by J. Fatima Martins, click here.

Besides hard copies available in Lincoln, the full magazine is now available Online here.

Art Move Issue Ten is loaded with other featured articles, including a powerful testimony (page 18) by the originator and Owner of this publication. Sara Kovanda, a multi-talented artist-musician-writer, shares her gripping story that should bring hope to many who have been deeply wounded from abuse. Her journey is one of darkness but culminates in rebounding and flourishing. A remarkable woman!

Additional articles include topics on musicians, poets, Surrealist Nolan Tredway, comedy, human interests, and food. The food topic was of special interest to me because it is about a chocolate!

Rebecca Ankenbrand, chocolatier, is owner of Sweet Minou Chocolate in Lincoln, NE. She is into nothing but the best decadent chocolate. To read more about her unique business check out page 10 in Art Move Issue Ten .  You can also find Sweet Minou Chocolate on Facebook.

A big thank you to J. Fatima Martins and Art Move for featuring my abstracts! And thank you Art Move for your unique support of the Arts in Lincoln, NE.



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