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Engaging Abstracts by Nancy Teague
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Ready to jump in a puddle? Ready to rock and roll? Ready for paradigm shifts? That would not have been me more than seven years ago. I was too serious, liked order and control. Then deeper Truth surprised me on the inside, a well spring was released, and joy spilled out onto my canvas. There was no turning back. Play and fun beckoned. Risk was necessary. Adventure was waiting at my heart’s doorstep. Go ahead jump in with me – play, enjoy, be surprised, and discover a deeper current.

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Abstract Expressionism Art

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What Collectors Are Saying

“My wife and I felt that Nancy was an up and coming artist and that her work would fit perfectly with our other art. We have had several people comment on her painting. It seems to attract people…walking by it…many stop and look closely at the art. Great use of color and shape.”

Larry and Maggie Kopsa

York, NE

“Art by its very nature fuels emotion. At first glance our painting by Nancy evoked joy. We first saw it in an email and called immediately to say ‘we want that!,’ and once we experienced it in the gallery we knew our instinct was right. We have it placed for everyday viewing, and every day joy!”

Christi and Doc Chaves

Bennet, Nebraska

“Having already enjoyed the bold energy of her work in an earlier purchase, Blues Band continued to keep that promise by evoking the sense of vibrancy and depth of emotion that players in a band bring to performance and that speak to me as both a music and art lover. It is a joyful experience to have the painting as part of my everyday life.”

Lisa Noble

Manhattan, Kansas

About Abstract Expressionism Artist

Nancy Teague

Nancy Teague grew up in the small western Nebraska town of Sidney. Her youth years were rich with art and building projects, riding horses, fishing, hiking in nearby bluffs, ice skating, piano, flute, Rotary Exchange Student to Australia, student government positions, and working in her mom’s bookstore. Nancy’s husband of 50 years, their two sons, and seven grandchildren have rounded out her life with deep gratitude and precious memories.

“All real works of art look as though they were done in joy.”
– Robert Henri

Thank you AOB Fine Art | Leopold | SNW Galleries

Galleries work hard Galleries work hard, yet with great pleasure, as they connect fine art with just the right buyer or collector. They know the transforming power of fine art. The gallery owners and managers can visualize the right piece in just the right setting....

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Nancy Teague Accepted In Mark Arts 100 Exhibition

I am delighted to participate in “Mark Arts 100” Six State Regional competition! My painting, “Did You See That!” (Acrylic 30x48x1.5″) was accepted for this special show.  ©2019 Nancy Teague Mark Arts, located in Wichita, KS, is celebrating its 100th Anniversary!...

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